Cory Zvaniga's Story

At 27, Cory was looking forward to a fulfilling his future in graphic design. In the summer of 2005, while on a fishing trip in Northern Ontario, Cory had discovered a lump on the right side of his chest. The diagnosis came quickly that he was a victim of testicular cancer, and unlike most cases, he did not have any signs of the disease in his testicles. Cory had seen a medical professional regarding concern about at pain under his ribs 4 weeks prior to discovering the tumor but what was thought to be a strained muscle turned out to be the challenge of a life time.

After months of chemo therapy, Cory returned to the hospital for an operation to have what remained of the tumor removed from under his rib cage and then continued for more chemo therapy treatments. Unfortunately, these powerful drugs where breaking down his bone marrow and the sessions had to be stopped. Discussions and preparations where being made to do a bone marrow transplant. This too became an impossibility due to the cancer had spread throughout Cory’s young body.

In this desperate situation we had tried everything. Cory left behind 2 brothers and a nephew that he adored and for Cory my mission is to help raise the awareness to them and to other energetic young men whose life is full of the future regarding the signs and symptoms of testicular cancer.

Sandi Zvaniga