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You don’t need permission to check ‘em™ regularly. In fact, it could save your life. Testicular cancer is the most prevalent cancer in men aged 15 to 29, but it’s also among the most treatable when caught early.

So learn to check ‘em out at least once a month The more familiar you are with their normal shape and size, the earlier you will be able to detect an abnormality. This section explains how to do this self-examination.

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About testicular cancer

We are proud to launch the world’s most complete Testicular Cancer website. It has everything: from statistics and medical information, to the psychological impacts of the disease. - Alexandre Desy, Executive-director TCC.

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Tout sur le cancer testiculaire

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CTC is indispensable, it is the only Canadian organisation that supports these men. It is with your help that we save lives and reduce suffering, thank you for being there. - Charles Méthot, founding member of TCC.

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CTC is a grassroots movement that isn’t afraid of making waves. A community that pools its strengths to turn negative into positive, when possible; a creative team open to multiple collaborations…we always need talent, whatever that talent is. Strength is in numbers, no? - Virginie Manus, TCC project manager

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Our Partners – a network that makes us strong. When it comes to testicles, good support is important. Partners, sponsors and volunteers – it is because of them that Testicular Cancer Canada can exist. We wanted to express our gratitude. © Pictures : Benoît Tardif + Colagene

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